I learned at a young age that I always wanted to challenge conventional thinking and push boundaries. So with any artist, brand, or company that I work with I hope to empower them to achieve the improbable.

With that in mind when I was 18, I discovered and started managing Rockie Fresh shortly after graduating from high school. I began working with him & AG Artists founder, Andrew Gertler to record & distribute music that eventually lead to him joining Fall Out Boy’s Patrick Stump on tour. From there, Rockie went on to be discovered by Rick Ross and sign a deal with Atlantic Records and Maybach Music. For me, that meant I was able to spend my early 20's traveling across the world with Rockie. Throughout that time I not only helped oversee the recording of several projects, but I also tour managed for Rockie on several domestic & international tours.

So now, as the music industry becomes more and more data driven I plan on combining that unique combination of experience along with my passion for music. My goal is to use the data and information available to help guide decisions for artists teams. With more ways than ever for artists’ to further understand, grow, and engage with their audience in order to reach their max potential; the ones who aren’t utilizing that information will be the ones left behind.